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The RS-MRGGT10 are small and self contained GPS guided frequency references for mobile and desktop use. They are based on the same technology as all our other frequency references and use a ultra high performance TCXO which is very low phase noise. Due to their design they almost match the performance of OCXO based references and are ideally suited for mobile applications and laboratories where it is important to be able to turn the reference off when not in use. Only a few minutes after they are turned on the frequency is already within specification.

Available with integrated special timing GPS receiver or optical 1PPS input for lightning protection and optical or electrical 10MHz reference outputs.

We recommend our RS-GPSANTxx series antennas but any user provided 3.3V/50mA GPS antenna can be used. A mains power supply is included.

Download the RS-MRGGT datasheet
Comparison of RF-SUISSE GPS guided references

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