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To supply our timing product with 1PPS signals RF-SUISSE offers a line of GPS timing receivers. These receivers should be installed indoors but as close to the antenna as possible to achieve the best possible performance. All GPS timing receivers suppress the 1PPS signal if no lock to GPS is present and have build in supply for our active GPS antennas.

3 models are available.
RS-GPSPPS1 is the entry level model which provides 4 rear and one front 1PPS output. It is sufficient for most timing applications. The GPS receiver can be monitored via an RS232 interface. Supply voltage is 5VDC.

RS-GPSPPS2 uses a dedicated GPS timing module and achieves higher precission. It also provides 4 rear and one front 1PPS outputs and can be monitored via USB or RS232. Supply voltage is 5VDC.

RS-GPSPPS3 is electrically identical to the RS-GPSPPS2. The difference is that it uses a D-sub 9 connector for interface and one rear 1PPS output (plus 1 front one). Supply voltage is 8 to 16VDC.

RS-GPSPPS4 is the same as RS-GPSPPS2 but with a fibre-optic 1PPS output. This enables lightning protected and EMI reduced solutions in combination with frequency references with fibre-optic input.

Download the RS-GPSPPS1 datasheet
Download the RS-GPSPPS2 datasheet
Download the RS-GPSPPS3 datasheet
Download the RS-GPSPPS4 datasheet

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