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RS-GPSANT60 and RS-GPSANT70 are commercial grade waterproof antennas for various mounting styles. Window mount and desktop mount (RS-GPSANT60) and roof mount (RS-GPSANT70). They are designed with large, selective patch antennas, high quality amplifiers and ceramic bandpass filters to suppress strong signals adjacent to the GPS frequency band (RADAR and cellphone).

Available in a low gain version for applications where the 5m cable has sufficient length and a high gain model better suited if the cable has to be extended or difficult reception areas.

RS-GPSANT60-xx                     RS-GPSANT70-x

These antennas are designed by INWAVE AG/RF-SUISSE and Made in Germany by REEL.

Download the window/desktop/wall mount model datasheet RS-GPSANT60

Download the roofmount model datasheet RS-GPSANT70

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