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The RS-GOC-PPS and RS-GOC-GPS are designed to lock a crystal oscillator to the 1PPS signal provided by a GPS receiver and significantly improve its long term stability. As it is calibrated to the characteristics of the crystal oscillator it can only be combined with the oscillator it was adapted for.
The RS-GOC-PPS requires a 1PPS input from a suitable GPS receiver whereas the RS-GOC-GPS has an integrated GPS receiver.

Component side

backside -PPS

backside -GPS

Block Diagram

Input sensitivity:
Power supply:
Oscillator reference:
1PPS input (-PPS):
1PPS output (-GPS)
Temperature range:
Stability (GPS locked):

Programming Interface:

available up to 120MHz, standard models are 10 MHz.
500mVpp min, 1.8Vpp max
equal to the crystal oscillator supply voltage (available in 5VDC and 8 to 15VDC @25mA)
3 to 5VDC reference output from crystal oscillator
25x6x25mm (~1x0.25x1")
3.3V CMOS. This pulse has to have positive polarity with a minimum 0.5usec pulse width!
3V CMOS, GPS output signal
as specified for the crystal oscillator (operational)
< 5x10-10 (good TCXO), depends on oscillator Allan Variance!
< 5x10-11 (good OCXO), depends on oscillator Allan Variance!
< 5x10-12 (high quality OCXO, double oven), depends on oscillator Allan Variance!
3.3V 2-wire bus similar to I2C? with address 72 or 0x48

Data measured with TFE-MJV 10MHz OCXO
Allan Variance, GPS locked (CSR-SiRF3 chipset module with small ceramic patch antenna):

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