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RS-GGOxx-T2G are reference oscillators with the same form factor as standard OCXO's (1"x1") but that's all it has in common with them. Instead of drawing a lot of current to heat the crystal it contains a temperature compensated crystal oscillator with 2.5ppm stability which can be locked to the 1 Pulse Per Second (1PPS) signal from the integrated GPS receiver. A combination of novel circuits, special firmware algorithms and patented Nano-Technology enable a low current miniature unit with an attractive price. This type is usally called a GPS disciplined oscillator.
Within less than 2 minutes after GPS lock has been achieved the RS-GGOxx-T has already reached its specified accuracy of better then 10x10E-9, a value where you have to wait a long time before it's achieved by an OCXO.
A test board with (RS-TBGGO) and without GPGS receiver (RS-TBGGO-NG) is available

RS-GGO10-TG is discontinued and replaced by RS-GGO10-T2G

Phase noise (10MHz):

1PPS output:
Power supply:
Temperature range:

10MHz (other frequencies on request, see datasheet)
3.3V CMOS (filtered square wave)
-98 dBc/Hz typ.  @ 10Hz offset
-122 dBc/Hz typ. @ 100Hz offset
-138 dBc/Hz typ. @ 1kHz offset
-150 dBc/Hz typ. @ 10kHz offset
-160 dBc typ. noise floor
3V CMOS signal
5VDC +/-10% @ 70mA (max) plus antenna current
insulated black ABS plastic, 25x25x10mm (~1x1x0.4")
-30 to +80C (operating)
< 10x10E-9, typical 1x10E-9 = 1ppb (GPS locked)
3.3V 2-wire bus with address 72 or 0x48
7 g (~0.18oz)

Download the RS-GGOxx-TG datasheet
Download the RS-TBGGO datasheet (test board)
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Comparison of RF-SUISSE GPS guided references

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