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The RS-CGGO10 are small and self contained GPS guided frequency references for mobile and desktop use. They contain either our TCXO based RS-GGO10-T, a GPS receiver and voltage regulators or for even better stability the RS-GGO10-O. Besides the reference frequency output the RS-CGGO10-T provides the 1PPS pulse from the GPS receiver and GPS data from and to the GPS can be manipulated via the full level RS232 interface. The RS-CGGO10-O has a 1PPS output synchonized to the GPS which continues to run when GPS reception is lost.

The RS-CGGO10-O is also available with a fibre-optic 1PPS input for improved lighning and EMI protection. Optionally the 10MHz output can be a fibre-optic connector too.

We recommend our RS-GPSANTxx series antennas but any user provided 3.3V/50mA GPS antenna can be used. A mains power supply is included.

Download the RS-CGGO10 datasheet
Comparison of RF-SUISSE GPS guided references

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