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Routing a 1PPS signal from a GPS receiver to a reference requires to split and buffer the signal. To prevent influences from the environment an optical transmission is preferred.

The RF-SUISSE fibre-optic 1PPS units are the ideal solution to prevent lightning from entering buildings!

, converts the electrical 1PPS signal of a GPS receiver into an optical one. Avalable with connectorless plastic fibre, ST type and HP Versatile Link connectors this unit can be directly plugged onto the source. Required unless an RS-GPSPPS4 GPS receiver with integrated fibre-optic transmitter is used.

, a single channel fibre-optic receiver which converts the otical signal into a 5V CMOS output. Input available with PF, ST and VL connectors and output as RJ9 and SMB.

RS-PPSD, receives the optical signal via PF, ST or VL input connector and distributes it via eight buffered 5V CMOS outputs, SMB or RJ9. Also available as an electrical input (SMB or RJ9) to split an electrical signal into 8 buffered outputs.

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