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RF-SUISSE specializes in the design of high performance modules and systems based upon them. Most of the modules are available in several standard configurations but we will gladly consider to customize them on customer request

We design and manufacture RF modules and modules required to support them. Both are made with the same care for details to provide the best possible solution to our customers.

The module section of this sites provide a short overview and access to the current data sheets. If you don’t find the module you need feel free to ask us as we are always prepared to design new modules to customer specifications.


RS-GGOxx-T, RS-GGOxx-T2, small size (25x25x10mm), low current (15mA) GPS guided TCXO reference providing excellent stability and accuracy.

RS-GGOxx-TG, RS-GGOxx-T2G, same size as the RS-GGOxx-T but with integrated GPS receiver.

RS-GGO10-O2P, RS-GGO10-O2G, miniture OCXO based GPS disciplined reference with synchronized 1PPS output. Recommended for higher volume designs over the -Ox models.

RS-GGOxx-O, RS-GGOxx-OG, miniature OCXO based GPS guided reference, 25.4x25.4x21mm with or without GPS receiver.

RS-PFRM10, miniature mdule version of the RF-SUISSE GPS guided references. Contained in a milled aluminuim enclosure with mounting flanges.

RS-RFREFxxx: high frequency, low jitter and low phase noise references for DDS, ADC and other apllications. Lockable to an external 10MHz reference.

RS-GOC-PPS, RS-GOC-GPS, a controller for OCXO’s, TCXO’s and Rubidium standards to lock them to a 1PPS GPS pulse. With or without GPS receiver

RS-FFSxxx, fixed frequency high performance synthesizers available from 400MHz to 4GHz. Any frequency in a 1kHz resolution can be provided!

RS-NBMS, narrow band high performance synthesizers available for frequenies in the range from 400MHz to 4GHz at various step sizes.

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