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Reference Frequency Distribution

Besides the GPS guided oscillators (or GPS disciplined oscillators) RF-SUISSE also provides a series of distribution units.For 19 units please see the 19 section.


RS-CDGF10, splits the 10MHz input signal into four ground free outputs with BNC connectors. Minimum output power per channel is +7dBm. Can be directly connected to the inputs of equipment without the risk of ground loops.

RS-FOT50, translates the incoming electrical reference signal of up to 50MHz into an optical one. Available with -ST connectors for glass fibres and Versatile Link® connector for polymer fibres it can be plugged directly on the reference frequency source output.

RS-FOD50, converts the electrical input signal from 5MHz to 50MHz into eight optical output channels. The RS-FOD50-8ST has 8 outputs for fibre optic cables with ST connectors and can cover up to 2km of distance. The RS-FOD50-8VL is for lower cost polymer fibres with 8 HP Versatile Link® connectors which can be used to cover 40m (low cost fiber) to 400m (higher cost fiber).


RS-FOC25, directly converts the optical input signal into an electrical signal. Input frequency range is 5MHz to 25MHz. This miniature receiver can be plugged directly into any equipment which isn't sensitive to the higher noise level of optical transmissions. Available with ST connector - RS-FOC10-ST - and as special order Versatile Link® connector - RS-FOC15-VL.

RS-FOC10-10, same form factor as RS-FOC25 but with integrated single channel clean-up crystal oscillator to improve the unavoidable added noise from an optical link. Available with -ST connectors for glass fibres and and as special order Versatile Link® connector for polymer fibres is is also available for different input and output frequencies.

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