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RF-SUISSE supplies a wide variety of frequency reference sources in both, standard 10MHz and high frequency as well as the matching distribution components. These references are available in wallmount, cassette and rackmount options.

Our 10MHz standard references are all GPS guided to ensure excellent stability and long term frequency accuracy. They come with multiple regular 50 Ohm outputs, isolated 50 Ohm and fiber optic outputs are optional for 19 rackmount models.
For our 19 3HU flexible system please see our
System line

RS-CDGF10: electrical 10MHz reference splitter-isolator & buffer with 4 ground free outputs

RS-CGGO10: small RS-GGO10-x based desktop reference with 10MHz output and integrated GPS receiver (requires a GPS antenna (user provided), 3.3V/30mA (max)). TCXO or OCXO based models. The RS232 I/O of the GPS receiver as well as the 1PPS pulse is provided.

RS-MRGGT10: ultra high performance and low phase noise TCXO frequency reference with various input and output configurations. Ideal for mobile and laboratory use where the reference has to be shut down as it locks within minutes.

RS-GPSPPSx: commercial grade GPS timing receivers with 1PPS output. Designed to work with all RF-SUISSE timing product and GPS antennas. Available in several configurations and performance classes including an optical 1PPS output model.

RS-GPSANT60, RS-GPSANT70: commercial grade GPS antennas in window, desktop, wall and roofmount versions. Suitable for all RF-SUISSE product with integrated GPS receiver.

RS-RFREFxxx: high frequency, low jitter and low phase noise references for DDS, ADC and other apllications. Lockable to an external 10MHz reference.

RS-FOCxx: optical frequency reference receiver and converter to electrical signal. With or without clean-up crystal oscillator.

RS-FODxxx: optical frequency reference receiver with clean-up oscillator in 10MHz or 100MHz and several phase noise options (other frequencies on request)

RS-PPSD: 1PPS electrical or optical distribution unit. One optical input, 9 electrical outputs or 1 electrical input and 8 buffered electrical outputs (5V CMOS).

RS-PPSFR: single channel optical 1PPS receiver with one electrical output (5V CMOS).

RS-PPSOT: optical 1PPS transmitter with electrical input. Can be directly plugged on the reference source.

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