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This page contains documents, application notes and software which couldn’t find a home elsewhere.

Direct access to all datasheets and application notes.

Select the right reference. Application information for the various GPS guided references.

Frequency references, what stability is required? Explanations on why some references are better suited than others.

Frequency calibration made easy. With RF-SUISSE components frequency calibration is either history or as simple as plugging in a cable.

Extend the life of sensitive RF connectors. What we call a connector saver....

RS232 control of RF-SUISSE product. This application note shows how easy it is to control our product with software as simple as a terminal program.

Comparison of RF-SUISSE GPS guided references. Differences in long term stability, lock-in time and response to missing 1PPS pulses.

Considerations for designing a reference frequency system. Advantages and disadvantages of several ways to design such a system.

How to design a system without the risk of lightning entering the building. Optical components remove electrical conductivity.

Save the frequency calibration cost with a modified firmware. RS-GGOxx-T2P, RS-GGOxx-T3P and RS-GGO10-O2P now available with a special firmware.

Comparison and features of RF-SUISSE frequency reference product. Overview of the features available and included in the various modules and connectorised models.

Firmware repository. Please click here to get to the firmware repository to download the latest versions.This directory also contains the source code for programs where we have to provide the source based on the license conditions of the software (i.e. General Public License). The datasheets of product using such firmware/software will state what type is used.

Product short form catalogues:
RF-SUISSE Frequency Reference Solutions Modules, sources and components for frequency references and systems.

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