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INWAVE AG was founded in 1989 in Reute, Switzerland to support the growing microwave industry with specialized product to support the local, European and international RF and microwave industry. Located only 1h drive away from Zurich Airport in the center of an area dedicated to design and manufacturing of electronic and microwave systems access to first class employees and partners is one of the key advantages.

In 2008 the decision was made to extend the product portfolio into higher integrated solutions and module level product available “of the shelve” and to differentiate this offering by choosing a dedicated trade name for this product line, RF-SUISSE. However, this doesn’t mean that we will not modify or adapt our product based on inputs or requests from our customers! Our product line is designed to make it easier to adapt to different needs.

All share holders of INWAVE AG are Europeans to make sure that all types of European businesses can be satisfied. In addition we work hard to find European suppliers for all components we need to design and manufacture our high quality product.

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